The J-Fit Health Club is One of Fairfax's
Newest and Safest Fitness Facilities

Offering indoor and outdoor workout spaces, J-Fit is one of the safest gyms in town due to our strict safety measures that include: following CDC and state guidelines for mask wearing, physical/social distancing, cleaning, and the number of people allowed in certain spaces; an upgraded HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system that maximizes fresh air exchanges and features MERV 13 filters to optimize the air quality inside the building; and a bipolar ionization system that kills 99% of the virus in occupied spaces. 

Fitness facilities include spaces for the indoor fitness center with separate weight and cardio areas, outdoor turf gym, swimming pool, and full court gymnasium which also houses our "spinasium" when being used for Spin classes. With so many fitness spaces located throughout the wellness wing of the Pozez JCC, members can enjoy large workout spaces that allow for the required safe physical distance between members. Unlike most gyms in town, J-Fit is not a box gym with one large workout space.

Personal training and group exercise classes are available throughout the week and cater to all fitness levels and interests. The six lane, 25-meter, heated, indoor pool is open for lap lane swimming, click here for details.

Schedule a tour by emailing Membership@theJ.org or calling 703.537.3007.

To reserve your space in a class or swim session, click the Fitness Reservations button below:

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Safety Measures

For the comfort, health, and safety of our members, here is a brief summary of the precautions taken at the Pozez JCC:

-All members must pass a COVID-19 Health Screening upon arrival at the J.
-Additional hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the building.
-Fitness equipment is spaced for maximum physical distancing during workouts
-Frequent equipment cleaning procedures with commercial-grade disinfectants
-Outdoor turf gym leverages the safety of outdoors with the benefits of exercise

We strictly follow all guidelines for physical/social distancing, cleaning, and the number of people allowed in certain spaces. Our recently upgraded HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system allows us to maximize fresh air exchanges and features MERV 13 filters to optimize the air quality inside the building. In addition, the J installed a bipolar ionization system that kills 99% of the virus in occupied spaces. We are working hard to make the J one of the safest places around.

In addition to the above and incorporating ongoing guidance from experts in the field of fitness and wellness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and State and local governments, we have engaged Global Engineering Solutions to advise us on specific preventive measures the J can implement to keep our community safe. Additionally, we have organized a health advisory committee of professionals with experience in public health. We are confident that we are taking the right approach to opening a safe and healthy environment where our community will feel comfortable and welcomed.

Please review the following policies and procedures so you are familiar with the expectations of our guests prior to your arrival. It will make for a smooth and seamless admission to the J.


1. Safe Physical Distancing is a Must: You’ll notice markers spaced 6’ apart as you approach the entrance doors. Please allow the person ahead of you to advance before moving to the next marker.

2. Face Covering Required/No Disposable Gloves: Prior to entering the J, everyone 5 years of age and older must have a face mask covering your nose and mouth. Disposable gloves must be removed. Soap and water and hand sanitizer is readily available for comprehensive hand hygiene practices once inside.

When in the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB workout spaces, face masks covering the nose and mouth are required at all times.

3. COVID-19 Related Health Screening: As you approach the Guest Services Desk, you will read two questions:
     a. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and/or new loss of taste or smell?
     b. Have you been in contact with someone known or presumed to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

If you can answer “No” to both questions, you will be allowed to proceed.

If you must answer “Yes” to having symptoms: you will not be admitted to the J that day and may return once you are symptom and fever free and it’s been at least 10 days since the onset of your symptoms.

If you must answer “Yes” to having been in contact with someone known or presumed to have COVID-19: you will not be admitted to the J that day and may return 14 days from your last exposure to that individual.

4. Liability Waiver – the first time you enter the J for in-person programs, you must submit a signed waiver. This can be downloaded from theJ.org (under the Register tab on the top navigation bar), printed and signed to bring with you upon your return. Forms will also be made available at the Guest Services Desk. Once your waiver is submitted, a sticker will be adhered to your Pozez JCC ID so that each time you re-enter the J, you can simply show your ID with the sticker denoting that you have a waiver on file.

5. Body Temperature Checks: Once the above steps are complete, your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer which is placed a few inches from your forehead.

Temperatures of 100.4 and more – you will not be admitted and may return 24 hours from the time your temperature was taken.

6. Once you have passed the screening, you may proceed to the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB. 


The Pozez JCC takes its responsibility to ensure, to the best of its ability, that the community visiting our facilities are kept safe from harm’s way. Following Governor Northam's safety measures, combined with guidance from the CDC, we have made adjustments to our policies relative to wearing masks in our J-Fit Health Club.

J-Fit (Main Fitness Floor, HIIT, Semi-Private Training Studio, Turf Area) 

  • All users of J-Fit (indoors), including staff and members MUST wear a mask at all times unless by yourself in either training studio downstairs (including those who have been vaccinated).
  • Physical distancing must be observed at all times; congregating is not permitted.
  • Personal Training clients must wear masks in J-Fit.
  • When using the outdoor Turf area, members can elect not to wear masks as long as social distancing is maintained. Turf classes have a maximum capacity to allow for ample physical distancing.


  • Class sizes will follow the mandated maximum of 10 participants
  • Instructors and/or participants must wear masks covering the nose and mouth at all times


  • Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times when on the pool deck (prior to and following) lap swim.
  • Masks should be removed when swimming.
  • Lifeguards should have masks covering the nose and mouth at all times unless they are alone on the pool deck during break times for cleaning/sanitizing purposes.


  • Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times in the locker room unless showering.
  • Physical distancing, a minimum of 6 feet, is required at all times


• Throughout the day, J-FIT HEALTH CLUB support staff and our maintenance staff are equipped with disinfectant spray bottles and towels for regular cleaning of all high-touch surfaces with EPA-listed disinfectant.

• Comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfecting processes are being implemented in the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB and throughout the J each evening.

• Additional hand sanitizing and cleaning stations have been installed. These stations provide disinfecting products for members to apply before and after using equipment.


• Throughout the facilities, signage has been posted to facilitate increased spacing between members upon entering the main building, throughout the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB including between fitness equipment, and throughout various areas of the buildings.

• You will notice that signs designating particular equipment are not in use have been placed on equipment around the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB. This marks equipment temporarily out of service to adhere to safe distancing requirements or that need disinfecting.


-Showers are available to members with physical distancing requirements. Please remember to bring your towel.
-Masks must cover the nose and mouth and be worn when not in the shower.
-Until further notice, the saunas are not in use. We will continue to evaluate their status based federal and state guidance, health considerations, and financial impact.


Members may bring their own towel from home for use when swimming or showering. Workout towels are available at the J or members can also bring a towel from home. 

If you have any questions about the phased re-opening, please contact Membership@theJ.org


Cardio and Weight Machines
Free Weights
Gymnasium (Sides A and B)

Functional Fitness Area (turf area; available to individuals and members who are with their Fitness Trainer or participating in a small group fitness classes)

Aquatics Center (available for lap lane swimming for J-Family cardholders ages 13+/ or age 12 when accompanied by a parent who has reserved a separate lane)
HIIT Studio (available to members. Limit 6 people. Trainers/clients take precedent)
Locker Rooms (toilets and sinks; limited availability of lockers; no saunas)
Showers are available (bring a towel from home)
Private Training Studio (available to members. Trainers/clients take precedent)


Aquatics Center

The swimming pool is a six-lane, 25-meter pool with a graduated depth from 3.5' to 8'. A permanent, handicapped access ramp provides 0' to 3.5' depth access for use by individuals in wheelchairs, small children and others with special needs. First aid and resuscitation equipment are located within the aquatics staff office. A storage area houses training, safety, and rescue equipment.

Fitness Center

The J provides everything for a complete cardio and fitness workout, five days a week.  We have partnered with Precor for our new fitness center in both Cardiovascular, Weight Training, and selectorized equipment.  Our new cardio equipment has integrated video screens allowing you to watch your favorite show, listen to music or set up a workout.

For information about our fitness training programs, contact fitness@theJ.org.


The gymnasium is a regulation size gym with 4 standard basketball backboards for cross-court or half-court play and 2 glass basketball backboards for full-court play.  The gymnasium floor is constructed of wood and is taped to show the boundaries for 1 full-court basketball court, 2 cross-court basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, and 2 field courts for activities such as soccer, floor hockey, scooter hockey, etc. A portable aerobic sound system is available and is stored in a secured area within the gymnasium. Basketballs and other various balls are available for use and are kept in a basket near the cage in the gym. The perimeter of the gymnasium is kept free of obstacles at all times to allow walking and jogging activities by members.

The Pozez JCC gymnasium is available for rental on an hourly basis. Please contact Matt Alvin for rates and available time slots at 703.537.3050.

HIIT Studios

Our Indoor HIIT studio and Outdoor Functional Fitness Area feature state-of-the-art equipment. In our Indoor HIIT studio, we have six gym racks with two 21ft bridges spanning the space. These systems can be used for boxing, TRX, rope, trainers, pull-ups and so much more. We also have a sled, ½ tire flip with variable resistance and assault trainers. Our Outdoor Functional Fitness area is made up of 2400/sf of outdoor turf space (available for Fitness Classes, Small Group Training or while working with your Fitness Trainer). This space has battle ropes, kettle bells, tires with sledgehammers and our brand new addition called 'THE TANK', a dynamic variable resistance sled. Two HIIT spaces guaranteed to get your heart rate up and to help burn calories.

Locker Rooms

A limited number of lockers are available for use. Restrooms and Showers are available.  Remember to bring your towel. The saunas are temporarily closed.

Locker rooms include showers, wall-mounted hairdryers, sinks, and bathroom stalls. A family changing room with showers and restroom facilities is located on the pool deck.

Locker Rentals

Lockers are available for use by patrons. Patrons may bring their own locks, as they are not provided by the J, but they must be removed by the end of each day unless the locker is rented.

For information about renting a locker, please contact Matt Alvin, 703.537.3050


Age 15+ may use the fitness facility without a parent/guardian.

Age 13/14 may use the fitness center only after meeting with a Fitness Trainer for a complimentary proficiency class.  If the child is able to prove that he/she is proficient they are able to use the fitness facility.  If the child is not proficient, a fitness trainer is able to meet with the child for 6 sessions (fee) to develop a plan and encourage a safe and rewarding start to their fitness journey. To schedule a session, please contact fitness@theJ.org

Age 13+ may use the lap lanes to swim.

Age 12 may use the lap lanes to swim when accompanied by a parent who has reserved a separate lane to swim.





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