J-CARE FOR CHILDREN 6 WEEKS - 3RD GRADE IS AVAILABLE: Following health & safety guidelines, your child/children will enjoy being at the J with their peers and warm, caring teachers.

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Cardio and Weight Machines
Free Weights
Gym Side A: (available for small group fitness classes)
Spinasium (Gym side B; available for individuals and paid small group fitness classes)

Functional Fitness Area (turf area; available to individuals and members who are with their Fitness Trainer or participating in a Small Group Training)

Aquatics Center (available for lap lane swimming for those ages 15+)
HIIT Studio (available to members. Limit 6 people. Trainers/clients take precedent)
Locker Rooms (toilets and sinks; limited availability of lockers; no saunas)
Showers: Beginning October 18, showers are available with no towel service. 
Private Training Studio (available to members. Trainers/clients take precedent)

(included in J-Family Membership)

Limited class sizes. Register early to reserve your space.

ABS-FIT: Increase your core strength while giving your back more flexibility. Learn how to engage your core properly to increase strength, control, balance and posture.

Body Toning: A combination of full-body strength training and moderately-intense cardio to shape your body and improve your endurance.

Cardio & Sculpt: Meet friends for this 60-minute full body workout beginning with a 20-minute aerobic cardio warmup. Lightweight, basic strength, and tone exercises. Must be able to stand for the full length of the class.

Dance Fusion: A high-energy, calorie-burning dance workout on the beats of the latest music hits that will make you move and have fun.

Energy HIIT: Get your morning dose of energy with high intensity movements using TRX, kettle bells, battle ropes and more. Reach your goals with a fast-paced conditioning circuit. Start your day the right way!

Fitness Boxing: A fast-paced fitness boxing strength and conditioning-style workout designed by an experienced certified personal trainer with years of fighting experience. Come sweat it out with other like-minded individuals to achieve your fitness goals and encourage others to do the same.

Line Dance: A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows.

Pilates® (Begins Oct. 20)
Classes include a warm-up of the body and joints, classic mat exercises with an emphasis on core strength and balance, followed by stretching.

Power HIIT: This class is designed to improve multiple markers of athleticism and fitness including power, strength, and cardiovascular efficiency. Come to improve yourself, learn a thing or two, and above all else have fun. (Class may be cancelled due to inclement weather)

Spin®: Build endurance and increase cardiovascular fitness as your instructor takes you on a ride on state of the art stationary bicycles.

Tai Chi (Begins Oct. 21)
This Chinese martial art is primarily practiced for its health benefits, including a means for dealing with tension and stress.

Turf-X: An intense strength and conditioning workout, utilizing a variety of equipment and training techniques. This class is our very first group fitness program on the new, outdoor artificial turf area! Be ready to step outside your comfort zone with battle ropes, tires, sledgehammers, weights, agility ladders, and more. (Class may be cancelled due to inclement weather)

Yoga: Physical exercises, meditations and breathing designed to integrate the mind, body, and spirit.

Zumba® (Begins Oct. 15): Exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

Zumba Gold: Latin music with modified moves and pace to suit the needs of the active older participant and those just starting their fitness journey.


For the comfort, health, and safety of our members, here is a brief summary of the precautions taken at the Pozez JCC:

-All members must pass a COVID-19 Health Screening upon arrival at the J.
-Additional hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the building.
-Fitness equipment is spaced for maximum physical distancing during workouts
-Frequent equipment cleaning procedures with commercial-grade disinfectants
-Outdoor turf gym leverages the safety of outdoors with the benefits of exercise

We strictly follow all guidelines for physical/social distancing, cleaning, and the number of people allowed in certain spaces. Our recently upgraded HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system allows us to maximize fresh air exchanges and features MERV 13 filters to optimize the air quality inside the building. In addition, we are investing in needlepoint bipolar ionization technology, which has been demonstrated to inactivate 99.4% of COVID particles, killing pathogens in the air 24/7. We are working hard to make the J one of the safest places around.

In addition to the above and incorporating ongoing guidance from experts in the field of fitness and wellness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and State and local governments, we have engaged Global Engineering Solutions to advise us on specific preventive measures the J can implement to keep our community safe. Additionally, we have organized a health advisory committee of professionals with experience in public health. We are confident that we are taking the right approach to opening a safe and healthy environment where our community will feel comfortable and welcomed.

Please review the following policies and procedures so you are familiar with the expectations of our guests prior to your arrival. It will make for a smooth and seamless admission to the J.


1. Safe Physical Distancing is a Must: You’ll notice markers spaced 6’ apart as you approach the entrance doors. Please allow the person ahead of you to advance before moving to the next marker.

2. Face Covering Required/No Disposable Gloves: Prior to entering the J, everyone 10 years of age and older must have a face mask covering your nose and mouth. Disposable gloves must be removed. Soap and water and hand sanitizer is readily available for comprehensive hand hygiene practices once inside.

When in the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB workout spaces, face masks are recommended, although not required during heavy exertion or while outdoors.

3. COVID-19 Related Health Screening: As you approach the Guest Services Desk, you will read two questions:
     a. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and/or new loss of taste or smell?
     b. Have you been in contact with someone known or presumed to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

If you can answer “No” to both questions, you will be allowed to proceed.

If you must answer “Yes” to having symptoms: you will not be admitted to the J that day and may return once you are symptom and fever free and it’s been at least 10 days since the onset of your symptoms.

If you must answer “Yes” to having been in contact with someone known or presumed to have COVID-19: you will not be admitted to the J that day and may return 14 days from your last exposure to that individual.

4. Liability Waiver – the first time you enter the J for in-person programs, you must submit a signed waiver. This can be downloaded from theJ.org (under the Register tab on the top navigation bar), printed and signed to bring with you upon your return. Forms will also be made available at the Guest Services Desk. Once your waiver is submitted, a sticker will be adhered to your Pozez JCC ID so that each time you re-enter the J, you can simply show your ID with the sticker denoting that you have a waiver on file.

5. Body Temperature Checks: Once the above steps are complete, your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer which is placed a few inches from your forehead.

Temperatures of 100.4 and more – you will not be admitted and may return 24 hours from the time your temperature was taken.

6. Once you have passed the screening, you may proceed to the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB.



• Throughout the day, J-FIT HEALTH CLUB support staff and our maintenance staff are equipped with disinfectant spray bottles and towels for regular cleaning of all high-touch surfaces with EPA-listed disinfectant.

• Comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfecting processes are being implemented in the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB and throughout the J each evening.

• Additional hand sanitizing and cleaning stations have been installed. These stations provide disinfecting products for members to apply before and after using equipment.



• Throughout the facilities, signage has been posted to facilitate increased spacing between members upon entering the main building, throughout the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB including between fitness equipment, and throughout various areas of the buildings.

• You will notice that signs designating particular equipment are not in use have been placed on equipment around the J-FIT HEALTH CLUB. This marks equipment temporarily out of service to adhere to safe distancing requirements or that need disinfecting.


-As of Sunday, October 18, showers will be available to members with physical distancing requirements. There is no towel service. Members must bring their own towel.

-Until further notice, the showers and saunas are not in use. We will continue to evaluate their status based federal and state guidance, health considerations, and financial impact.


Towel service has been discontinued. Members may bring their own towel from home for use when swimming or showering. Workout towels can also be brought from home or use one provided by the J. 

If you have any questions about the phased re-opening, please contact Membership@theJ.org


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