Fitness Training

Our fitness trainers will provide you with the motivation and direction you need to achieve your health and fitness goals! After an initial evaluation to establish your baseline health and fitness level, your program will be designed to meet your individual needs — whether that’s weight loss, recovering from an injury or surgery, cardiovascular fitness, strength training, or just general health and fitness. Enroll at J-FIT HEALTH CLUB in Fairfax, VA and take advantage of our workout programs designed specifically with your goals in mind. 

Your fitness trainer:

  • designs a workout program specifically for you, regardless of experience
  • demonstrates movements and ensures proper form
  • answers your questions and monitors progress
  • adjusts your workout as your needs change and your abilities grow
  • provides workout variety to help alleviate boredom, avoid plateaus, and prevent injury

For more information about the Pozez JCC fitness training programs, or to set up a free consultation, contact



One-on-One Fitness Training

60- or 30-minute sessions
Is your workout a little dull or not giving you the desired results? Let the J’s staff of certified Personal Trainers create a new individualized program that is both exciting and challenging. Our trainers will inspire you to become more fit and have fun in the process. Choose from 60-minute sessions or 30-minute sessions. 

All sessions are offered on payments and expire the last day of the month, one year from the purchase date.

60-Minute Sessions

Per Session Amount

Total Number of Sessions

Total Package
Paid in Full

$99 1 $99
$79 6 $474
$76 12 $912
$74 25 $1,776
$72 37 $2,592
$70 50 $3,360
$68 63 $4,080


30-Minute Sessions 

Per Session Amount

Total Number of Sessions

Total Package
Paid in Full

$79 1 $79
$52 6 $312
$50 12 $600
$47 25 $1,128
$45 37 $1,620
$43 50 $2,065 
$41 63 $2,460 

Aqua Fitness Training

Aqua Training is personal training — in the water! This full-body workout incorporates specialized equipment to enhance the full use of the water's natural resistance and buoyant qualities. By using a low impact environment, the pool creates a safe workout space without sacrificing the intensity.

6 Sessions: $402 ($67 per session)
12 Sessions: $768 ($64 per session; can be paid in two installments of $384)

For questions and to schedule your sessions, please contact, or call 703.537.3008.

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