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For any questions, contact Petya Ivanova at 703.537.3028.

Included Classes for J-Family Cardholders

Aqua Zumba®

Utilizing the benefits of water resistance, this class, in the shallow area of the pool, features exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin and international beats.

Basic Sculpt

30 minutes of seated strength training using light hand weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls. For the true novice or someone returning to exercise.

Cardio Cycling

Build endurance and increase cardiovascular fitness as your instructor takes you on a ride on stationary bicycles.

Cardio Dance/ Latin Dance Fusion

Come dance away the calories in a class with music from every era and every genre. You’ll see how much fun a cardio workout could be.

Cardio Kickboxing

This is a high energy martial arts and aerobic style workout that finishes with toning — low and high impact options are given.

Cardio Light

For those who want a 45-minute full-body workout to great music. Must be able to follow an 8–10 minute aerobic warmup. Includes seated strength training using lightweights, resistance bands, exercise balls, and bal­ance/coordination standing exercises.

Cardio and Sculpt

Meet friends for this 60-minute full-body workout begin­ning with a 20-minute aerobic cardio warmup. Lightweight, basic strength and tone exercises. Must be able to stand from the chair for squats and deadlifts.

Core Beginner

For those who choose not to be on the floor, this is a full standing class holding onto the barre focusing on balance, posture, and flexibility.

Core Intermediate

Increase your core strength while giving your back more flexibility. Learn how to engage your core properly to increase strength, control, balance, and posture.

Core Advanced

A fast-paced athletic core workout for the avid exerciser.

Doonya Bollywood Fit

Dance and burn calories to Bollywood music! It takes the same energizing spirit of Bollywood, and gives it a fitness twist, creating a full-body cardio workout that keeps you moving and smiling the entire way through.

FUNctional Fitness

A full-body workout! A NASM Certified Fitness Trainer will lead you in a full-body workout using bodyweight exercises in interval style training. For those who want to experience a fun, high-intensity hour of exer­cise.

Line Dance

A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows.


Build endurance and increase cardiovascular fitness as your instructor takes you on a ride on stationary bicycles.


A relaxing class focused on lengthening your body and reducing stress. Each class finishes with a short meditation.

Super Sculpt

A 45-minute advanced strength workout for those who have been consistently exercising at least 3 days a week, can lift 5–12 pound hand weights, and can properly perform full squats, lunges, sit-ups, planks, and push-ups.

Water Aerobics

This class is performed in the shallow area of the pool. It’s a safe option for aerobic conditioning, perfect for the joint-sensitive indi­vidual.


Exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

Zumba® Gold

Latin music with modified moves and pace to suit the needs of the active older participant and those just starting their fitness journey.



Fee-Based Classes

Aqua Circuit Training

Thursdays, March 12–April 23 (7 weeks; includes demo week)
8:45am–9:30am, in the pool
Instructor: Dorian Traynham
Complimentary demo class: March 12!
This 45-minute workout is full of fun and energizing activities to help you reach your fitness goals. Combining endurance, cardio, and strength training with the resistance of water to deliver a full-body, calorie-blasting workout. Most of the class is performed in waist to chest-deep water using your own body and aquatic equipment. This small group training is perfect for those looking to get fit and be active while reducing the impact on their joints. With the small group format, you will get more individualized attention from the instructor, who is able to tailor the exercises to you. Questions? Contact Matt.Hetzer@theJ.org. 703.537.3049
Fee:    $80
Code:  #10515     


Essentrics - Aging Backwards/Age Reversing Stretch

This slow-paced, age revising workout will restore movement in your joints, flexibility and strength in your muscles, relieve pain, and stimulate your cells to increase energy, vibrancy, and your immune system. 


Fitness Boxing

Tuesdays and Thursdays, April 23-June 2 (6 weeks)
Instructor: Matt Alvin
Complimentary demo class: April 21
This small group training is for those interested in getting in the best shape of their lives while having a blast in a fast-paced fitness boxing strength and conditioning-style workout. Held in our brand new HIIT studio, this class is put together by an experienced certified personal trainer with years of fighting experience. Come sweat it out with other like-minded individuals to achieve your fitness goals and encourage others to do the same. Come to the first class and receive a complimentary set of boxing wraps! Please bring your own boxing gloves if you have them, as we have limited stock.
Fee:    $240
Code: #10519   


HIIT Insanity

Thursdays, January 30–March 5 (6 weeks)
Instructor: Matt Alvin
This 6-week small group training will take place in our new High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio. Full of TRX straps, assault trainers, tire flips, and more. Come push your limits with a fast-paced, high intensity interval small group training, improving on full body strength, power, and conditioning. Pair this small group training with “Strength Training 101” happening on Mondays and Wednesdays for a slightly discounted price and a complete 3-day workout week.
Fee:    $120 (or $60 if registered for Strength Training 101)
Code:  #10518   


Strength Training 101

Mondays and Wednesdays, January 27–March 4 (6 weeks)
Instructor: John Carome
This 6-week small group training will introduce individuals to the principles of strength training. They will acquire proficiency in foundational movement patterns. Build a solid base of strength and stability, learn proper body mechanics, and be introduced to basic exercise progressions and regressions. Taking this 101 level small group training makes you eligible to take “Strength Training 102”. As well, for just $60 more ($120 dollar value) you can sign up for the 6 week “HIIT Insanity” taking place on Thursdays!
Fee:    $240
Code: #10517  



Mondays and Wednesdays, March 30–May 6 (6 weeks; no class Apr. 8, 15)
Instructor: John Carome
Free demo class: March 26
Turf-X is an intense strength and conditioning workout, utilizing a variety of equipment and training techniques. This class will be our very first fitness program on the new, outdoor artificial turf area! Be ready to step outside your comfort zone with battle ropes, tires, sledgehammers, weights, agility ladders, and crazy team activities. This training is amazing whether you’re looking to begin your fitness journey or continuing your path to a better you. 

Fee:    $200

Code: #10625  



Physical exercises, meditation, and breathing designed to integrate the mind, body, and spirit. This class is recommended for those that can get down to and up from the floor easily. 

*Both Yoga classes are available with the purchase of a Yoga Package, which expires the last day of the month, one year from purchase date. You may use the sessions of one package toward Yoga and Pure Power Yoga at the same time.

Yoga Packages:
10 sessions: $220
20 sessions: $400 



P.I.E.R Program

The P.I.E.R program is an aquatic program that can incorporate exercises on land. It is a program designed to address post-rehab needs related to injuries and chronic issues. It is also offered as the next step after physical therapy and occupational therapy. For more information, contact Petya Ivanova.

One – 50 minute session $80
Five – 50 minute sessions $375
10 – 50 minute sessions $700


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