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Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center Timeline

August 2019

The landscaping is done! Now we are finishing the elevator shaft and putting the final touches on the basement, closets, and bathroom. The next update we will showcase the inside of the building.



July 2019

It's July and we're working on landscaping and finishing the outside building colors. We're putting in grass and trees to make the Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center feel welcoming. 


June 2019

Here's a sneak peek of the inside of the Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center. Soon, the beams will be covered and the walls will appear. In a future update, we will see both the outside and inside transformation. 



May 2019

The construction workers have made a lot of progress on the inside of the Smith-Kogod Center. However, we can see the outside additions such as the windows and window panels. Who is excited to step foot in this building?! Stay tuned for photos on the inside!


April 2019

Lots of changes have occurred since last month! Though, the walls have been secured on the outside, the inside of the building is ever-changing each day. We can't wait to open the Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center and showcase all the great amenities we have to offer.



March 2019

Check out the newest updates! The construction workers have added the elevator shaft and have now begun building the additions to the center. They have also started to add panels for the building walls. Are you starting to envision what this building will become?

February 2019

Oh, hello walls! It is making me excited to see the basic wall framing surrounding the lower body of the building. I know a lot of people are happy that we are renovating this building. This construction project has come a long way and I'm looking forward to the end-of-the-month changes.


January 2019

Happy New Year! With most of the construction occurring at the bottom of the structure this month, we are finally seeing new additions to the building. The workers have started framing new entrances and exits. We are excited to see the changes that will happen in February!



December 2018:

Wow! What a change when you remove all the bricks. As of now, the construction workers are fixing the foundation of the building so the building has a strong surface to add on new features. 





November 2018:

Bye, bye bricks! Say goodbye to the old "White House" bricks as the construction works remove them from the inside and outside. The building is going to be unrecognizable! It is exciting to see the new changes! We hope you are as excited as us. 


November 2018:

We have started to gut out the inside of the old "White House". We are replacing the old wood with more durable material. We are taking out all the old windows and will be replacing them towards the end of the construction period. Also, we will be creating a timelapse at the end of the project so everyone can see the drastic changes this building went through!

October 2018:

Today, we began the construction of the Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center. It is certainly an exciting time! We've raised a significant amount of money to date through the Capital Campaign and are grateful to have so many community members supporting us. But, we're not done yet and we are counting on everyone to help us reach our financial goals.



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