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J-Fit Health Club Timeline

August 2019

The J-Fit Health Club is now open! If you are interested in getting a fitness membership, you can call 703.537.3007 to schedule a tour today! Now that the building is finished, we are in the next phase of renovating the downstairs fitness space to make two new areas: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) room and cycling room! Stay tuned for more updates on that!

July 2019

The building is almost ready to be open to the public! We are currently deciding where to put our new equipment. Most of the new equipment is from Precor, a company that manufactures premium fitness equipment. On the outside, the turf has been added with fences. This is where a lot of High-Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training will occur. There will be tires (tire flipping), heavy battling ropes, which are great for increasing strength and performance and so much more! Stay tuned for our next update will all the equipment in our new space and



June 2019

Here's a sneak peek of the inside of the J-Fit Health Club. The outside walls were painted a dark gray and a cement walkway was added. Next month, we are sure to see more inside updates including equipment and office spaces. We can't wait for our staff and members to try the new space out!



May 2019

We're starting to see the building come together! It is amazing that we can create a new space for our members to enjoy! The construction workers have been working hard on the inside and outside appearance. Stay tuned for pictures on the inside! 


April 2019

Now the framework is visible if you are coming or leaving the J. We are excited to see walls forming and seeing our vision come to life. We are so happy to have a new space for our fitness buffs!



April 2019

Construction has progressed quickly after securing the dirt, gravel, and cement for the foundation. The construction workers have begun adding the framework for the J-Fit Health Club! We are so excited to see the building form!



March 2019

Wow! A lot of changes have been made since our last update. The construction workers have been adding so much dirt and now gravel! Most of the foundation is complete, and now it's time to start adding the base and walls of the building. We can't wait to show you the next update! Stay tuned.


February 2019

Check it out the small changes that happened? The construction workers are making sure the structure is waterproof with the black padding. We are hoping the rain and snow can let the sun have a turn so we can finish this project!



January 2019

We are near the end of January and we have seen some quick changes since our last update! The health and fitness center is forming and soon we can remove the dirt from the middle and start building the flooring. We will be back in February to give you more updates!


 January 2019

It's the new year and new changes have been made at the location of the new Health and Fitness center! We are starting to see the walls coming up and dirt slowly going away. This project is expected to be finished by May 2019. Check back on this page to see new updates!


December 2018:

At the moment, the construction workers are digging in the ground to create a foundation for the new addition to the J. Keep visiting the site to see more updates! Check out the framework for the new building! It is slowly coming together and we can't wait to see in a couple of weeks what this site will look like!


December 2018:

Right now the construction workers are digging in the ground to create a foundation for the new addition to the J. Keep visiting the site to see more updates! 



November 2018:

Construction on the Health and Fitness center is moving quickly. We have removed all the playground equipment and now we are left with a blank canvas. We are excited about this new project.




October 2018:

We are beginning construction of our new Health and Fitness Center! We acknowledge that the increase in work associated with this new and exciting project has impacted our already challenging parking situation and will, again, require the patience and flexibility of all of us throughout its duration.  



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