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What's in your "pie"? A new take on resolutions...

Laurie A. on Friday, December 31, 2021

The New Year is traditionally a time for pie (at least it's one of my traditions). Yes, I really said pie! Not banana, cherry or berry, I'm talking about "humble" pie. 

As this can be a time of reflection and projection, let's view the parts of pie through a literal lense. The creamy part is where you acknowledge the aspects of your life that are going pretty well—the things you are most grateful for.  But you also need to make room for the tough crusty shell—these are areas that may be a little hard to chew and digest—areas that need improvement. Usually plans for self-improvement results in us making a list, which is typically followed by the exercise of jotting down our goals about how we plan to make things better. We are creating our action plan.

If you were to look up the word exercise in the dictionary, you might find this definition: 1. activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness or 2. something performed or practiced in order to develop, improve, or display a specific capability or skill. We know that the Pozez's J-Fit staff has plenty of options to bring meaning and motivation to that eight letter word, should we choose to go that route, or we can always create the list where we jot down our goals.  However, let's also think about it's homophone, exorcise, which sounds the same, but means something totally different: "to drive out" and usually pops-up on lists in the form of "quit" or "don't" (Quit biting your nails or don't eat meat.).  

Now, back to my "pie" reference. One of the things I think about is my earnest effort to go green at home and effect change wherever I go and to encourage others to go green when possible. The creamy part of my pie is that I don't use k-cups for my coffee anymore at home or at the office (I was using way too many), I use reusable bags and bring my own water bottle wherever I go. Now to the crust that is sometimes hard to swallow. I don't always remember to save electricity and turn off lights and I often talk about wanting to compost and how easy it would be to do, but alas have yet to do it. I can also do better with many other aspects of recycling and do more things to help our environment (remember, I called it "humble" pie - I need to recognize things that need improving).

What if we combined these two words to come up with two resolutions helping us to all go a little greener in 2022?  

  1. Exorcise - Let's quit using plastic bags! Did you know that the $.05 plastic bag tax in grocery stores starts January 1. By exercising your mind and remembering to bring reusable bags, or walking to the store and only buying what you can fit in your backpack or bicycle basket you'll be helping the environment (and save a little money).
  2. Exercise your body by raking leaves into a mulch pile or a compost heap and exorcise the gas-powered lawn equipment. If you miss the loud noise of the blower or mower, replace it with an upbeat audio play list. We recognize that not every home has a lawn or prolific trees, so recalibrate.  You can also get a good workout and help the environment by volunteering with a local clean-up project (i.e. did you know that the Friends of Lake Accotink Park (FLAP) meets the second Sunday of every month to pickup litter?). It's great for the abs, can improve your outlook on life and just might lead you to do other things to improve our environment!

So,....what's in your pie?


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