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Going Green: Recycling tips from WSIG

WSIG Blogger on Sunday, October 31, 2021

Plastic, paper, glass - all easy to recycle, yes? One would think so, but it's not always so clear how to recycle everything in your home. I used to automatically toss glass in the bin, but now you need to find the purple bins located around town and deposit them there. I also learned that you shouldn't put plastic grocery bags in the bin - they can jam up the machinery (who knew). Lastly, all paper is not created equal. Thought you could recycle wrapping paper and shredded paper? Um, no. These items should just be tossed in the trash. While confusing, it's important that we all try to do our part to take care of our environment. 

If you want to go even further, think about turning your scraps of food into a small compost garden. All it takes to start savings scraps is a small bucket with a lid and knowing which foods should be tossed in the bucket. There are also lots of inexpensive ways to build these gardens, so don't let it be a barrier. 

While I haven't started composting just yet, I was inspired by Christine McCoy,  a solid waste and recycling professional who made an incredible presentation a couple of weeks ago on behalf of the J's Women's Social Impact Group. If you too, would like to be inspired, click here for her slide presentation.

In the meantime, I have to out to go out and buy an extra recycling bin ... just trying to do my part!

Laurie A.



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