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Appreciating Friends and Making Connections - Celebrating "International Friendship Day" at the J

Nisha Ali on Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday, July 30, was International Friendship Day and the past year has shown us just how important it is to celebrate our friendships within the J commUNITY! Whether you are young, or not so young, it is always important to find time to acknowledge and appreciate our friends, new and old!

Here are some ways the J is fostering friendships and helping our community enjoy connecting with each other: 

Camp Achva
Friendship is the heart and soul of Camp Achva. For many of our campers, attending camp is the first time that they have the opportunity to develop friendships without parent involvement. And as many of you may have experienced for yourselves, the bonds made with friends at camp can last a lifetime! 

This week, campers celebrated friendship in the best way - by sharing gratitude toward each other! To do this, they shared the experience of taking an adventure on the “How to be Excellent to One Another Trail.” 

Ongoing In-Person and Virtual Programming
As the Pozez JCC’s mission is to build connections and enrich lives, our programs and services are built with that in mind. The J has many opportunities for friends to spend time with each other in-person and online through programs on the Virtual JCC! There are social clubs, educational series, recreational games and activities, cultural arts programs, and fitness classes - offered by the J-Fit Health Club. What better way to hang out with your friends than over a friendly game of Scrabble or Chess? And, a group workout is the perfect excuse to get together with friends while enjoying getting healthy together!

Hanging Out with Friends
Now that the lobby has re-opened for lounging, we welcome our J friends to come sit and relax with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and catch up with each other. This simple opportunity to share how you are doing with friends can be very uplifting and keep you in good spirits the rest of the day. 

International Friendship Day is a simple reminder that friends play an important role in shaping a happy and healthy life. The J is a place that allows our community to keep making connections with friends, old and new, by spending time together sharing common interests and experiences, and feeling welcomed and supported ! 

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