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NV Rides

Volunteer Ride Program

J Rides at the Pozez J: It’s more than just a ride 

J Rides is a program of the Pozez JCC that offers support for older adults who no longer drive as well as vulnerable community members.  J-Rides, a member of the NV Rides family, was developed in 2015 for non-driving older adults needing rides to the J or to satellite locations throughout Northern Virginia. Rides can be requested for the fitness club, arts and culture, classes or speakers. 

As a response to the current pandemic crisis, J Rides is now offering rides to medical appointments, to access food and pharmacy, and other trips of necessity. 

How does it work? 

Volunteer drivers sign up to be in a “pool” of drivers.  Those in need can make requests.  Drivers receive requests in their email inbox through the ride scheduling software.  If the driver is able to pick up the ride they can simply click the “accept” button in the email message.

How do I request a ride? 

You contact the J-Rides phone number at 703-573-3074 to make your request.  Our office manager will be in touch to confirm the details.  In order to successfully match you with a driver we ask for a 5-day notice. Ride are not guaranteed and subject to availability of volunteers. 

Can you accommodate wheelchairs? 

No – we ask that all riders be ambulatory and be able to walk to the car on their own.  We can accommodate people with walkers and canes. 

What if I need to cancel a ride? 

Whether you are a driver or rider, if you need to cancel your ride, you can call 703-537-3074 to let us know.  If you are a driver, we recommend that you also contact your passenger to let them know. 

Are drivers vetted and insured?  

Yes. Each volunteer driver must pass a criminal and motor vehicle record check to become a driver. Volunteer drivers also must have a valid license and a current auto insurance policy. 

Is there a charge for the ride? 


Are there any income qualifications for riders? 


Are drivers compensated? 

No, drivers are volunteers who use their own cars and pay for their own gas.  We will give drivers a log at the end of the year showing the number of miles they drove throughout the course of the year. 

Do I have to be Jewish to be a driver or a rider? 

No, this is a program for the entire community. 

Are there other volunteer driver programs in the area? 

Yes. There are volunteer driver programs operating in many of the jurisdictions in the Northern Virginia. Each program sets their own onboarding requirements and ride request procedures.  When you sign up as a passenger or volunteer, you will be given details on how their program operates. Please visit www.nvrides.org to learn more. 


To learn more about how to request rides, call 703.537.3074.  

If you would like volunteer please email info@nvrides.org or call 703.537.3071.



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