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A Letter from Our Camp Directors

Anat Litwok and Greg Feitel on Monday, April 5, 2021

This past year has been one we could have never imagined. Everything we knew, our day-to-day routines, vanished in an instant, and we each had to learn to adapt to a new "normal." For some that was setting up an office at home and for others it was learning a new hobby. No matter what we did, we each tried to live and make do with our new lifestyle.

Although we all had to make adjustments, there is one group in society, that really learned to roll with the punches. One group, that was just beginning to learn the definition of normal, and then it was gone. This same group has spent the past six months in a state of unknown, between synchronous learning and asynchronous learning, and the questions of when they will go back to in person school. Our children have learned to be resilient; they have learned to be flexible and to adapt to their new situations. They deserve an award for what they have been through, a standing ovation, a medal of honor. They deserve… a summer at Camp Achva!

At Camp Achva, we are devoted to giving our campers the most incredible summer we can. Our campers are the pixie dust that makes our camp so magical. We give children an opportunity to grow, to learn new skills, try new activities, and make new friends. And most importantly, we do it all…. Without screens!

This past year, children’s new normal has become sitting in front of a screen. They interacted with their new classmates and teachers in the little boxes on their screens. This summer, we will have a strong focus on interaction between peers to make up for the year of screens. We will teach our campers to communicate, and use their words, for at camp there is no chat feature. Camp is the one place a child will never be asked to put themselves on mute. Each child has what to add to their group. Each child has a voice, and after this year they need to not only be heard but also be listened to!

We will also have all our typical fun camp activities at camp this summer, like sports, arts and crafts, archery, dance, and so much more. We will have special themed activity days as well as dress up days. We will have an energized Mifkad every morning to get excited and pumped for the day ahead. We will soak up the sun and then get soaked with a hose or some water balloons. But the most important things that will happen at camp this summer, are deeper than what we’ll see on the surface when we’ll look out at the field and see all of our campers running around and laughing. They will happen in the smaller moments. When a camper who won a game helps comfort their friend who is upset because they lost, when a camper picks up trash they see on the ground around camp and throws it in the trash can, when a camper tries a new activity even though it is hard, when they help a friend who is having a tougher time, and when they give someone else a compliment. These are the little moments that make Camp Achva such an important place for our children to be this summer!

Looking forward to seeing all of our campers this summer and having an amazing time learning, laughing and, living life to the fullest.

Anat, Greg, and the Camp Achva Team

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